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(Wed Dec 10th, 2008

High Yield Stocks

Lets hightlight some high yielding stocks that might be great investments for traders and investors a like and whether you are considering a Credit Card Arbitrage strategy or not.

There are many stocks that are currently providing exceptional yields. Obviously, with the current economic downturn many of these stocks will slash dividends or maybe cut them altogether. The following is a list of High yielding stocks that could still be used with a Credit Card Arbitrage strategy or not. What they offer is very high yields and the ability to curb your downside risk with long-term options in case a of protracted downturn.

I'm not vouching for any of these stocks personally, I'm just providing a stepping point for you to do your own investigation. Traders and investors need to be vigilant and personally know the risks of every investment they make. The only vetting I've done with these stocks is make sure that their reported yield is high and that you can buy long term (Jan 2010 or 2011) puts against them. You should, at the very least, read their reports and any news about them in case they have recently cut their dividends.

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